The 78th Fraser Highlanders

The Old 78th Fraser Highlanders were raised by Simon Fraser 12th Lord Lovat, Chief of Clan Fraser in 1757 who was commissioned Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant.  In the spring of 1758, the regiment joined the assault on Louisbourg that led to the surrender of the fortress in July 1758.  They then joined General Wolfe’s Quebec expedition in the spring of 1759 and were instrumental in the taking of Quebec City.  The Regiment was disbanded in Quebec in 1763.  During EXPO’67, the Montreal Military & Maritime Museum (now called The David M. Stewart Museum) revived two historic Regiments – La Compagnie Franche de la Marine and The 78th Fraser’s Highlanders.

Through the leadership of Colonel J. Ralph Harper and Colonel David M. Stewart, research was undertaken to reproduce the uniform and equipment of these 18th century soldiers.  Since the 1960s the organization has grown and spread across Canada with garrisons in most major cities.